Artwork Requirements

Your logo and artwork submission

How to send us your designs

First, contact us. We realize that not everyone is a graphic designer. We do this every day so let's see what you have. We don't care if it's an idea that you drew on a napkin. Take a pic of it and send it to us. Whatever file format your artwork is in, we can use it or let you know what we need to do to make it work. Once we see what you have, we can then discuss any additional costs, design, and a timeline.

Remember, this is our job. Let us make it easy for you.

It's easy to send us your files. You can email them to a1asportsgrafix at gmail dot com. If your art file is too large to email, then please consider sending it to us using one of the free web based file hosting services available. We use WeTransfer. It's completely free and very use to use.

Here's a list of popular file types that we use all the time:

.ai (preferred)





.psd (hopefully with layers intact)




We'll even take a look at your word doc:)

Archiving of Artwork and files. 

A1A Sports Grafix, LLC Will Archive Your Digital Artwork at No Charge 

Digital art in the recommended formats and sent to us will be archived for continuous, future use at no cost. This art will then be available for repeat orders.

We will archive the artwork for a maximum of three years following the last order receipt date. 

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us to answer questions or to any provide additional information.